Show Notes

Global Social Media & Brand Strategist Farhana Cannon helps construct marketing strategies for clients from an array of businesses, from the cannabis and restaurant industries to real estate. Farhana has had her real estate license for a decade now, and continues to work as an agent on the side, but her main interest lies in her thriving media company.

Listen to Dan and Farhana break down the essentials for building a social media presence, which includes:

•  Your elevator pitch

•  Knowing your customer

•  Developing a brand identity

•  Studying competitors

Don’t miss this detailed conversation on best practices for building your brand online. 

Quotes to Share

💬 A lot about marketing in general is understanding what people want.

– Farhana Cannon

💬 What social media allows us to do is provide a glimpse of a lifestyle. 

– Farhana Cannon

💬 All my clients have an online booking service, where people can book for different things.

– Farhana Cannon

💬 Create a marketing plan, goals, objectives, and actionable items for achieving those goals.

– Farhana Cannon

Resources Mentioned

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