Show Notes

Jeanne Scott is a seasoned real estate agent with the Keri Shull Team. For the last four years she’s been building her business one step at a time, and this year she hit a personal record: 50 deals in just 12 months. Now she’s setting her eyes on doubling that number by expanding her mini-team and bringing on a partner agent in the coming year.

Join Jeanne Scott and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Increasing your client pool through referrals and marketing

∙ What to look for when bringing on new team members

∙ Developing a strong bond with your clients

∙ Expectations for the future of this competitive market

...and much more!


💬 “I try to set myself apart by providing exceptional service. And communication is huge for me.” — Jeanne Scott on focusing on communication with clients

💬 “For me, it's bringing confidence to the table, and like, knowing what you're doing, and people just trusting you.” — Jeanne Scott

💬 “They think that, you know, in this market, anyone can sell my home, but I think it really does depend on your resources.” — Jeanne Scott

💬 “Values are still increasing. It might not increase as quickly as some times of the year, but I definitely see the market staying strong.” — Jeanne Scott on the future of the real estate market


Contact Jeanne Scott: (203) 330-3055