Show Notes

Brandon Turner became a real estate investor to avoid the daily grind and find a career path that would be more fulfilling. Investing in real estate gave him the free time to expand, which included collaborating with Josh Dorkin on a project known as BiggerPockets where he is a host for the BiggerPockets podcast. This educational platform teaches others how to build wealth through real estate. Brandon is also the founder of Open Door Capital and raises millions for funds and real estate projects. 

Join Brandon Turner and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Getting over the hurdles of raising lots and lots of capital

∙ Creating value through your email marketing

∙ The value of short-term rentals

∙ Where most investors get stuck

...and much more!


💬 “Start getting a database of people who will maybe someday want to invest with you.” — Brandon Turner

💬 “By being spread out in multiple asset classes, I'd like to think that it will lessen the risk a little bit.” — Brandon Turner

💬 “It's hard to make money in the beginning…but vacation rentals make money from day one.” — Brandon Turner


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