Show Notes

In this episode of The Hyperfast Agent Podcast, we listen in as Lana Rodriguez, from the Lana Rodriguez Group, presents at The Hyperfast Sales Summit. Lana speaks about the value of TikTok and how real estate agents can use this platform to grow their networks!

Episode Highlights: 

  • This is Lana’s 3rd year at the HyperFast Sales Summit and is presenting about the value of TikTok.
  • Following much controversy, in the end, TikTok has been acquired by Oracle and Walmart and will not be banned.
  • Launching in 2016, TikTok is the most downloaded app on the Apple app store with over 800M active users, most being older than 24-years-old.
  • 90% of TikTok users use the app multiple times a day.
  • TikTok is incredibly simple to create content, making it very easy for users to make shareable content.
  • Lana’s first big surgery had her healing for 2 months on intense painkillers and brought her down both physically and emotionally.
  • A Facebook hack took away Lana’s form of entertainment and interaction during her recovery.
  • The absence of Facebook combined with a 2-month surgery recovery led Lana to dive head-first into TikTok.
  • Lana’s first viral video was shot at 2 am by herself in her basement.
  • TikTok presents a plethora of information from various subjects that give users a chance to learn.
  • The chance to connect with other professionals is just one of the valuable benefits of using TikTok.
  • Targeting your local audience can be done effectively through the use of the correct hashtags.
  • The simplicity of TikTok allows you to gain organic followers fast.
  • Lana has been able to gain 26K followers in just 8 months.
  • Unlike other forms of social media that require you to purchase ad space, TikTok promotes you organically.
  • Lana has received multiple leads from her TikTok content, even via other social media platforms.
  • We all have lives that get in the way, but you can’t let that stop you from posting content.
  • Content that you post can build your brand, so it’s important to make time.
  • Lana has used her military marriage to create authentic content that has gotten great exposure.
  • Promote content that is authentic and true to who you are; this is the best way to go viral and have fun doing it.
  • The 4 E’s of TikTok: education, entertainment, engagement, and emotion.
  • Users love TikTok because of its ability to connect them with like-minded people from all over the world.
  • Create 1 TikTok account and convert it to a professional business account.

3 Key Points:

  1. Viral videos on TikTok simply need to be shareable and relatable.
  2. TikTok not only provides entertainment, but a chance to learn a plethora of information on various subjects.
  3. Through the use of the correct hashtags, TikTok videos can help professionals connect with their local audience.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The number 1 reason to use TikTok is have fun!” - Lana Rodriguez
  • “If you’re going to use that platform, it needs to make you happy.” - Lana Rodriguez
  • “TikTok is the only user platform right now that promotes you organically and lets you grow organically.” - Lana Rodriguez
  • “With the right hashtags you can get to the right consumer.” - Lana Rodriguez

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