Show Notes

In this podcast you’ll learn social media marketing strategy and more from Tessabella Jelten, a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with 5 years of real estate experience.

‣ The killer tip that gets leads to DM you – no matter how many followers you have

‣ How to stay consistent with social media content when you’re busy with deals

‣ How to attract leads who have high intent to do business with you

‣ The 3 tiers of strategic partnerships that real estate agents can profit from


💬 “Just planning and consistency will win the race 100% of the time.” – Tessabella on social media strategy

💬 “Get very clear on what what your goals and your vision for your business look like, then reverse engineer stepping stone goals and start knocking those off one by one.” – Tessabella’s advice for new real estate agents

💬 “Freedom comes from building a team and allowing their skills to shine.” – Tessabella on delegating


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