Show Notes

Upcoming HyperFast Agent Growth Summit speaker, Jesse Zagorsky is a seasoned California real estate broker, national sales trainer, and self-proclaimed real estate nerd with a passion for helping agents scale their businesses. Join Jesse Zagorsky and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss the value of clear and consistent digital communication with clients to create positive relationships and high conversion rates.

Listen to learn about…

∙ Transmitter-orientation vs. receiver-orientation in communication

∙ How to get your questions answered via text, email, or DM

∙ Using text replacement to your advantage 

∙ How to become part of your client’s digital “circle of trust”

...and much more!


💬 “Every time you're going to send a text to one of your clients, I want you to pause and re-read it out loud before you send it.” - Jesse Zagorsky

💬 “You don't want to rely on the fact that the person you're talking to will ask you questions if they don't get it.” - Jesse Zagorsky

💬 “Don't think that the medium you're communicating in is the one you have to stay in going forward. Sometimes you have to move up a level in terms of communication.” - Jesse Zagorksy


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