Show Notes

Shawn Kaplan was raised by a single mother and no one ever taught him about wealth or real estate during that time. In his young adult years, a mentor taught him how to serve realtors and clients. Today, Shawn is a Mortgage Advisor, which he differentiates from a loan officer. He teaches clients how to leverage assets and debt to acquire more assets. Shawn also urges real estate agents to proactively use social media to connect with potential clients and to increase their use of video content.

Join Shawn Kaplan and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why a mortgage should be part of your larger wealth-building strategy

∙ How a mortgage advisor can help you to leverage an asset or debt to acquire more assets

∙ Why real estate agents should utilize social media to build connections with clients

∙ Why asking for closing cost assistance is better than asking for a price reduction


💬 “Now the market’s changing and people are rattled, and they're scared because of the news or whatever they're reading out there.” - Shawn Kaplan

💬 “The more good debt you have, the more good assets you can own with it.” - Shawn Kaplan

💬 “If you're renting, that's an adjustable rate mortgage.” - Shawn Kaplan

💬 “As a real estate agent. It is your duty and your obligation to give people an inside look into your life of who you are as a human being as a person, what you'd like to do where you'd like to go” - Shawn Kaplan