Show Notes

Damion Merry’s time in the states taught him a great deal about how to make it big in real estate. He discovered stark differences between how real estate was conducted in the UK in comparison to the US, and lessons learned from industry leaders like Ryan Serhant and GaryVee inspired him to shake things up in his home country and become a household name in a prosperous market. Listen in and get a glimpse of his perspective on what propelled him to where he is today with his own high-end brand, Luxury Property Partners.

Join Damion Merry and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How US real estate differs from the UK

∙ Presentation as a tool for driving luxury property sales

∙ The sneaky high value of using ads on LinkedIn

∙ Creating educational content that draws attention

...and much more!


💬 “Many agents in the UK are worried about themselves, get on with the next list and get this one, like churn and burn, and it shouldn't be like that.” — Damion Merry

💬 “What I tried to do is create content that was informative to people in the real estate world, you know, people want to know what the prices are doing in their local area.” — Damion Merry

💬 “You can't compare somebody who's going to spend 10 grand on a video production and 10 grand on Facebook ads [...] to somebody who's going to take a couple of pictures and stick it in their office window.” — Damion Merry


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