Show Notes

Steven self-identifies as the worst person to go into the real estate business, at least as judged by conventional wisdom: His pace is steady and relaxed. He doesn’t work nights or weekends. He doesn’t do open houses. He’s only available on a Sunday if there’s an emergency. You can’t find him online.

In short: Steven sets boundaries.

Yet he’s persisted by becoming an expert at door-knocking: taking difficult action over time, and connecting with people on a basic human level that brings in sustainable long-term business.

Join Dan and Steven as they discuss: 

‣ Steven’s wildest door-knocking stories

‣ The short-term “invisible” success that prospecting can bring you

‣  How Steven works less than 20 hours a week, makes it to every baseball game and dance practice… and does $10M in volume a year

…and more!


💬 “Real estate is a very simple business. It’s not easy, but it’s simple.” –  Steven Ross on why consistency wins in real estate

💬 “If you get really good at one thing – mine was connecting with people at the door – and you do it consistently over time, you can be successful.” – Steven Ross on finding your strengths

💬 “I’m proof that even the slow guy can finish well.” – Steven Ross


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