Show Notes

Real estate investor, author, and podcast host Henry Washington entered the industry in search of building passive income to achieve financial freedom. In just three and a half years, Henry built an impressive rental portfolio and now turns his focus to teaching others how to create wealth through real estate investment. Listen to learn about how to work with small banks to get initial loans, make contractor connections, and market effectively to generate leads.  

Join Henry Washington and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The importance of building effective processes for your business

∙ Surrounding yourself with the right people to gain knowledge and connections and overcome imposter syndrome

∙ Tips for working with distressed properties and problem-solving difficult situations that may arise

...and much more!


💬  “If you can solve the deal flow problem, and you can solve the financing problem, you can scale at whatever pace you choose to.” — Henry Washington 

💬 “You have to be relentlessly consistent. You can't stop. You can't slow down. You can't change.” — Henry Washington 

💬 “I think we get too comfortable with numbers. And we overlook some of the ancillary factors that have to do with deals.” — Henry Washington 

💬 “Create processes that fit your business or your lifestyle.” — Henry Washington 


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