Show Notes

Health educator, Otter PR founder, and podcast host Dr. Jay Feldman knows the value of a strong personal branding strategy and getting your unique story out into the world. 

In today’s episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, listen to Host Dan Lesniak and Dr. Jay Feldman talk about how to create long-term organic traffic to your business through robust public relations. 

You’ll also learn …

‣ The merits of different social media platforms for networking and growth

‣ How to determine if PR would be valuable to your type of business

‣ What commonly holds realtors back from promoting their personal brands

‣ Tips for building your personal brand on social media

… and much more! 


💬 “Before even considering PR … get your nose to the grind and hustle. Your success upfront is going to depend on how hard you grind.” - Dr. Jay Feldman on what to do prior to PR 

💬 “If you want rapid growth, push out content on TikTok.” - Dr. Jay Feldman’s recommendations for social media platforms to join

💬 “Not seeking active crisis planning is the biggest mistake in PR. And then people who get stuck in an active crisis, the biggest mistake is responding without counsel.” - Dr. Jay Feldman on the biggest public relations mistakes


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