Show Notes

Scott Krone is the Founder of One-Stop Self Storage, a storage unit business, and Coda Management Group, an award-winning design and build firm. From his background in architecture design, Scott segued into property development. 

In today’s episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, Host Dan Lesniak and Scott Krone discuss building self-storage units, risk reduction in real estate development, and the future of the storage industry.

Listen to learn …

‣ The difference between multi-family and self-storage spaces

‣ How to assess if an area needs more storage spaces built

‣ What risk factors to expect in the self-storage market

‣ The different classes of self-storage

… and much more! 


💬 “Do your due diligence and learn who you're working with. It's very important to have a good relationship” - Scott Krone’s advice for new investors.

💬 “It is real estate, but it's also a retail business. And so you have to understand both components of that” - Scott Krone on how to think about the self-storage industry.

💬 “When we go into a marketplace, we want to make sure that the saturation rate is low” - Scott Krone on how to know if self-storage units are needed in a specific market.


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