Show Notes

Sheer manpower is not enough when it comes to marketing. You have to be prepared to automate to innovate. President and Co-Founder of Witly Grant Wise understands the value of using efficient software and processes to grow businesses exponentially.

Join Grant Wise and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The importance of predictability, stability, and consistency for real estate agents in their business

∙ Why scaling a business comes down to systems and software

∙ How video remarketing “tricks” the human brain

∙ Why a smartphone is just as powerful as a camera in today’s world

...and much more!


💬 "Systems don't fail, people do, so build systems to replace people." - Grant Wise

💬 "To be a really good real estate agent, you have to be an unbelievable marketer, and you have to be really great at sales." - Grant Wise

💬 "Give people what they want, not what they need." - Grant Wise

💬 "Success sometimes can make you very delusional." - Grant Wise


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