Show Notes

The Downfall of Success

Many solopreneurs take pride in starting their own businesses and growing them to a certain level of success.

After initial success in your business, how do you keep growing without flatlining? This is a challenge that you see in every industry, but especially in small businesses.

You can only do so much on your own. And even with a small team, you’ll eventually hit a ceiling on how much business you can do on your own. So how do you know when to take the jump to hiring more people and growing your business?

  • How to avoid hiring the wrong person
  • Why the right time to look for job candidates might be sooner than you think
  • Why you should hire EVEN IF you’re the best at what you do


“If you’re trying to do everything yourself and still grow, maybe you’ll make a lot of money, but you’re not gonna have a life.” – Dan Lesniak

“Outsource anything that you can outsource. and let other people do that stuff: Cleaning your house, mowing your lawn, things like that…If you can get someone to do that at a much cheaper rate than you’re worth, that frees you up to have the time to go make more money and build your business.” – Sunil Saxena

“If you feel like you’ve hit the plateau, check your team. Who do you need to recruit, hire and train so that you can get to the next level?” – Dan Lesniak