Show Notes

Dan Lesniak, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, interviews Karen Briscoe, Real Estate Agent with over $1 billion in sales, Principal in Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group – Keller Williams, Author, and Public Speaker. Karen shares her wisdom regarding lead generation, her structure for solidifying sales, and useful advice that you will also find in her books.

Episode Highlights:

  •         How Karen Briscoe got into real estate
  •         How Karen started writing books  
  •         Karen Briscoe describes her book, “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed”
  •         Everybody is in lead generation, they just call it different things
  •         Karen talks about her book, “Commit to Get Leads 66-Day Challenge”
  •         What readers can expect from her newest book, “Flip Time/Love Life: A Heroine’s Journey”
  •         Saying you don’t have time is like saying you don’t want to do something
  •         Bring back meaningful components to your life
  •         How does Karen Briscoe balance all of her various activities?  
  •         Karen’s biggest piece of advice for beginner real estate agents
  •         Karen’s biggest piece of advice for veteran real estate agents
  •         If she started all over, what Karen would do differently
  •         Karen’s best piece of real estate investment advice
  •         What people would find Karen doing if she wasn’t working

3 Key Points:

  1.    When you bring together both information and inspiration, people are more likely to remember it and put it into practice.
  2.    People are more likely to remember a story instead of a collection of facts.  
  3.    Structure for sales: commit to getting leads, consult to sell, connect to build and grow, overcome rejection, and implement successful thinking,        activities and vision.

Resources Mentioned: