Show Notes

What’s it like to bring some modern flair and design back into people’s homes? Stars of the show Renovation Rekindle are here on the Hyperfast Agent Podcast to talk about their work with clients desperate to reimagine their homes. However, they’re also here to break down what’s going on in the market, how it’s affecting deals, and where agents need to pivot in order to keep up.

Join Susan and Paul Kadilak and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Creating a show about building someone’s dream home

∙ The current market for new construction homes 

∙ Techniques that agents need to start perfecting

...and much more!


💬 “There’s going to be a lot more negotiations, a lot more home inspection issues, a lot more, you know, things that they wouldn't think of asking for a year ago.” — Susan Kadilak

💬 “Now that pace is slowing down. Now the fine-tuned details in the seasoned agents are going to come into play.” — Paul Kadilak

💬 “We always talk about how deceiving it is to like—when you do get a license, how you can get it so quickly. So it just looks like it's so easy to do. But real estate is very hard to do.” — Paul Kadilak


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