Show Notes

During this episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, Andrew Dorn, Vice President and National Speaker at presents his lead conversion game plan to the audience at the Xplode Conference. Andrew shares valuable tips on how to build better relationships with buyers, along with ways to engage and communicate more effectively in order to increase lead conversion.

Episode Highlights:

  •         Andrew Dorn explains the difference between “speed to lead” and “speed to relationship”
  •         The percentage of buyers that only interview one agent  
  •         What is the Connections Plus lead system?
  •         How agents can utilize the Grammarly app
  •         How you can create reusable evergreen videos
  •         Andrew explains what Market Snapshot does
  •         Ask buyers how they would like to be communicated with
  •         The difference in results between text messages and emails
  •         The strategic way to save your name in contacts
  •         Send handwritten Thank You notes  
  •         Andrew Dorn shares counties that have leads and new features

3 Key Points:

  1.    It’s not “speed to lead” for lead generation. It is “speed to relationship.”
  2.    Create evergreen videos, that can be used throughout the year, to respond to leads.  
  3.    Statistics show that text messages get more than four times as many responses as emails.

Resources Mentioned: