Show Notes

Sam Primm is a real estate investor in St. Louis who also owns a house buying company, where he plans to flip over 300 homes this year. After dabbling in real estate as a side hustle for three years, starting in 2015, he eventually left his job. Today, he has a $40 million rental portfolio. Sam is also building up his social media following as part of his real estate coaching business, to help others build wealth and build a life of freedom for themselves. He believes successful people are not anything special, they simply persist where others give up.

Join Sam Primm and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to execute a side hustle in the real estate space and eventually transition to doing it full time.

∙ Why successful people keep going despite not having results.

∙ How to decide which social media platforms you should invest your time in.

∙ How being an entrepreneur involves trial and error, persistence, building relationships, and consistency.


💬 “I'm sitting at a $40 million rental portfolio that I bought using other people's money.”  – Sam Primm

💬 “Unlimited ceiling is the exciting thing about being an entrepreneur.” - Sam Primm

💬 “Successful people aren't special. The only reason they're special is because they convince themselves they're not. They do the same thing over and over and over again.”  - Sam Primm

💬 “We just need to be around people that are around a ton of people. And when life happens, they know to contact us.” – Sam Primm