Show Notes

Edna Keep is a full-time real estate investor, but that wasn’t always the case. She had a stable career as a financial advisor working with mutual funds and securities, but that was bound to change once she started asking questions about real estate. After Edna entered into the real estate industry, and acquired 50 units in just 18 months, she would eventually sell her practice and turn to a career of passive income. 

Listen to Dan and Edna as they discuss the following points:

•  Financing large scale property deals

•  Generating recurring revenue

•  Cashflow 101

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen in on two experts as they talk shop about real estate investing!

Quotes to Share

💬 It is easy to buy a multifamily as it is to buy a single family once you know and understand the process.”

– Edna Keep

💬 Real estate is a really great inflation hedge.  

– Edna Keep

💬 Within 3–5 years, you can be fully set.

– Edna Keep

💬 Get around like minded people who are doing what you want to do. 

– Edna Keep

Resources Mentioned

Edna Keep’s Website: