Show Notes

Damion started his real estate journey as a simple exercise in creating wealth. However, along that path he developed a bigger appreciation for making a difference in people’s lives by teaching others how to create financial stability. His eQRP service that provides a different approach to retirement funds is just one of the many ways his business improves financial outcomes for their clients. 

Join Damion Lupo and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Assessing individual needs to create successful strategies

∙ eQRPs versus 401k and self-directed IRAs

∙ Taxes on real estate investments in traditional retirement accounts

∙ Why being wealthy means being an insider

...and much more!


💬 “The primary company I run is focused on giving people control of their retirement money, so that they have more of a life by design, and not just by default.” — Damion Lupo

💬 “When people realize you're trying to solve their problem [...] it develops a lot of trust.” — Damion Lupo

💬 “The numbers tell you a story, and they also tell you what you value.” — Damion Lupo

💬 “You have to be willing to think outside of the Wall Street box.” — Damion Lupo


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