Show Notes

Welcome to the HyperFast Agent Podcast with Billion Dollar Real Estate Agents Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull, who are top sponsors at eXp Realty. Ready to become an eXp Realty agent with Keri and Dan? Go to or text Dan directly at 703-638-4393.

On this episode of the HyperFast Agent podcast, host Dan Lesniak guides viewers and listeners through the top 3 ways to attract real estate agents to your team. This can work no matter what kind of brokerage you are with – something in the old model or something in the new model, like eXp. The three methods include attraction through production, social media, and cold calling. You want to fire on all three of these things. All of these ways will help you get a steady stream of real estate agents into a conversation with you about joining your team. When you ramp up your prospecting in these ways, you will grow your team effectively.

Join Host Dan Lesniak as he discusses…

∙ Attraction through production: the more sales you have, the more real estate agents you will meet.

∙ Use your social media profile and posts to signal to agents that you want them to join your team.

∙ Why cold calling other agents is a means of predictable proactive prospecting – you have to ask!

∙ The importance of using all three of these methods to bring more agents into your funnel. 


💬 “The better you do at sales, the more people you will attract” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “Can a real estate agent go to your social media profile and know that you are wanting them to join you?” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “Don't be a secret agent on social media when it comes to letting people know that you have an opportunity for them” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “Most people just don't want to get in the trenches and get dirty and do the work and they think there’s a magic pill.” - Dan Lesniak

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