Show Notes

This episode of the HyperFast Agents podcast features Karen Hall, an industry leading expert. This episode features her presentation at the 2023 HyperFast Agent Summit. Karin is a real a leading agent and real estate expert in the Northern Virginia area. She specializes in military relocations and luxury home marketing. Karen is a client referral Pro and has built up her brand that exudes excellence, client care, and real estate experience. She's a prior military spouse, a mother of two very active athletic boys, national speaker, and soon to be author of an ultimate Real Estate Guide.

Join Karen Hall and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Two sources of lead generation: the VIP program and the Platform marketing for Facebook ADs.

∙ How to make these programs immediately doable and scalable. 

∙ Who is a VIP and how to talk about the VIP program to non-VIPs.

∙ The importance of touches with clients, including calls, events, and gifts.


💬 “So you absolutely talk about it. It is not fight club” - Karin Hall

💬 “Care and competence are tricky, because they must be in balance.” - Karin Hall

💬 “Community – everybody wants to be a part of something.” - Karin Hall

💬 “Branding is what other people decide that you are known for.” - Karin Hall

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