Show Notes

Tyler Antrican is a real estate agent serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He is currently on pace to triple his volume from 2021 to 2022. He credits taking the leap to expand his network beyond his family, friends, and traditional sphere of influence. One way he did that was by attending the HyperFast Agent event in Florida in early 2022. In addition, he also got into some paid lead sources and has placed greater focus on his follow-up and tracking that outreach with better systems. In this episode, he sat down with host Dan Lesniak at the HyperFast mastermind event in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Join Tyler Antrican and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Ways to expand your leads beyond your family, friends, and current sphere of influence

∙ Tyler’s 10-day process of following up with leads, through cold calls, texts, and emails

∙ Why changing your mindset about how you run your business is important for growth

∙ The next steps to hire additional agents onto a team 


💬 “I knew I needed something that was gonna give me that boost.” - Tyler Atnrican

💬 “Hot, cold, warm, whatever that may be. But we stay on you for 10 days. And we will call text email, call, text, email.” - Tyler Atnrican

💬 “I came to the HyperFast event in Florida… it's changed my mindset on how to run a business.” - Tyler Atnrican

💬 “If I wanted to continue to grow this team to where I want it to go, I need additional pillars of leads” - Tyler Atnrican