Show Notes

Is the current hot real estate market a sign that 2008 is going to repeat itself? 

In Episode #283 of the HyperFast Agent podcast, host Dan Lesniak joins real estate agent Robert Bradshaw, who’s had 20+ years of experience in the industry. Listen as they talk about the current hot real estate market, Robert’s experience working with The Keri Shull Team, and more:

  • The early 2000s real estate boom - and why the current real estate market is different
  • What new construction buyers NEED to be aware of right now
  • Why first-time home buyers are having a difficult time right now
  • The one type of listing that seems to be lagging behind other homes in demand right now


 💬 “Work all your sphere of influence as best you can, and learn as much as you can on lead conversion” – Robert’s advice to new real estate agents

 💬 “Keep up with the technology and don’t get set in your old ways.” – Robert’s advice to experienced real estate agents


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