Show Notes

In this episode of the HyperFast Mortgage blitz, we’ll discuss an amazing change to VA loans that took effect about a year ago. This one will blow your mind if you haven’t heard about it already! 🤯

Join Navy vet Dan Lesniak and lender Dustin Brown for this quick introduction to the major benefits of VA loans. Don’t miss Dan’s story of how he used VA loans to build wealth with a $2M home in Washington, DC! 🏠💰

Along the way we’ll share 5 big reasons why VA loans are a great option for any vet to consider:

• Why a VA loan offer on a sellers’ home can help you win out over competing offers

• Why VA loans are easier to qualify for

• The many advantages of VA loans

• And more!

QUOTE TO SHARE: “VA loans are an amazing way to build wealth and get 100% financing at historic rates.” – Dan Lesniak

If you’re a buyer’s agent, learn about the VA loan so you can help more military buyers. If you’re a military veteran yourself, Dustin would love to take great care of you. 

Go to 👉 to learn more!

💬 Have you (or your clients) taken advantage of amazing VA loan terms? Tell us about it in the comments!