Show Notes

Greg Brooks runs Rocket Station, a company that manages over 2,000 virtual assistants that helps real estate agents, investors, brokers, and others in the real estate industry. Having a virtual assistant who is trained specifically for the real estate field enables those in the industry to more quickly scale up, be more effective at their job, and more efficient with their time. Rocket Station does a six-week hiring process for each virtual assistant, who are based in the Philippines and have at least five years of professional experience. Most can be hired for just $10 an hour and can be scaled up as needed. 

Join Greg Brooks and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How virtual assistants can help business owners not work in their business but on their business

∙ How Rocket Station finds, trains, and manages the virtual assistant talent for you

∙ The training and hiring process that familiarizes virtual assistants with the real estate industry

∙ The purpose of hiring staff and assistants and how they can help you grow and scale


💬 “We've all got the same 24. So being able to effectively train and onboard people is so crucial.” - Greg Brooks

💬 “We live in an Amazon economy. Everybody wants it now and they want it to be personalized.” - Greg Brooks

💬 “Hire someone part time and just hand off the three things that are taking the most time of yours that you shouldn't be doing.” - Greg Brooks

💬 “You doing everything is not going to be the pathway to that outcome” - Greg Brooks

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