Show Notes

Colton Lindsay is an experienced real estate agent who pivoted from transactions to investing back in 2008. All his success in real estate led him to start his own brokerage and sales team. As of late, he has been heading an academy to help agents develop better leadership skills for their business. 

Join Colton Lindsay and host Dan Lesniak as they explore the intricacies of leadership in the real estate business.

Listen in for Dan and Colton’s thoughts on the following topics:

•  How to go about investing your profits

•  The value of tax literacy 

•  What your vision means for growing your business

Are you ready to expand your real estate business? Tune in to this discussion between real estate professionals who have mastered the art of leading successful agencies.

Quotes to Share

💬 And they think that building an organization is babysitting, when in reality it's leading.

– Colton Lindsay on what keeps agents from expanding their business

💬 Residual income, number one, starts with how you manage your money. If you can't manage one dollar, you're never going to manage nine dollars. 

– Colton Lindsay

💬 The name of the game in my opinion is listings and leverage.

– Colton Lindsay

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