Show Notes

What do gutter services and insulation installation have in common? It may surprise you, but they both make successful franchises!

Author, consultant, investor, and CEO of FranBridge Consulting Jon Ostenson helps his clients discover franchise opportunities like these that may never have been on their radar prior. Join Jon Ostenson and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss the potential in non-food franchising endeavors.

Listen to discover…

‣ Which essential services are exploding in the 2021 franchise industry

‣ The advantages of getting involved with franchises, as opposed to startups

‣ Horizontal and vertical business expansion opportunities

...and much more!


💬 “Say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’. Have the discipline to not bring emotion into a particular deal, and be willing to walk away at all times.” - Jon Ostenson’s advice for experienced investors

💬 “You've got the franchisor, or I think of them as kind of a coach on the sidelines. Their interests are aligned with you, the better you do, the better they do.” - Jon Ostenson on how franchisors provide support to franchisees

💬 “Activity breeds activity.” - Jon Ostenson’s motto for new investors


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