Show Notes

“Why I Quit eXp Realty” is a frequent search that you will see right if you type it into Google. There are a lot of people searching this term: why I quit eXp Realty. In this episode of the HyperFast Agent podcast, host Dan Lesniak gives us 5 reasons why people quit eXp Realty. Most people do not take the time to learn systems, they do not choose the right sponsor, they are not using the resources eXp makes available to them, they are not willing to adapt, or they simply do not have what it takes. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are at eXp realty or some other broker: you have to be willing to put in the work and develop great sales skills. Agents that don’t succeed at eXp Realty are likely the same agents that won’t succeed anywhere else. 

Join Host Dan Lesniak as he discusses…

∙ The variety of tools, including classes, that eXp Realty has created to empower agents to succeed.

∙ The importance of choosing the right sponsor and the mentorship they should provide you.

∙ The necessity to learn, adapt, build sales skills, and grow your expertise as an agent.

∙ Why the agents that don't succeed at exp really are ones that will not succeed anywhere. 


💬 “You'll see a lot of people are searching this term why I quit exp Realty” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “When you join eXp Realty you know you have seven levels of support up.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “There are dozens and dozens of different things that can help your business. But if you just kind of stand there with a deer in the headlight and don't use any of them, you're not going to get a good benefit out of it” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “The fifth reason why people quit is they do not do what it takes” - Dan Lesniak

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