Show Notes

During this episode, you’ll hear Sharran Srivatsaa present at the HyperFast Digital Deep Dive Event. Listen to learn how providing options can overcome objections, and the steps to take before, and during, a listing presentation to set yourself up to win. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Sharran Srivatsaa poses the question: In this market, who gets hired?
  • In a traditional market, the agent has to get two “yes”s from a potential client. The first is a “yes” from the client to working with the agent. The second is the “yes” to get the deal done.
  • In this market, there’s an additional “yes”. Agents feel like they have to convince potential clients to actually list their home first.
  • The kind person is the person who gets hired right now.
  • Sharran describes his philosophy on peoples’ capacity for B.S.
  • He feels that the current situation is putting people on edge, and less tolerant to B.S. This is why leading with kindness is a better tactic than aggressive sales techniques.
  • Trying to convince someone to do a deal isn’t the best idea right now, because Sharran feels it will lead to a bloodbath if the deal goes wrong.
  • It’s not about objections, it’s about options.
  • If you’re getting objections, it’s because people don’t understand the options.
  • Sharran recommends a technique of entering the conversation from the prospect’s mind. What questions might they have, and what are their fears?
  • If you want to win, it has nothing to do with the presentation. It has everything to do with your actions before you arrive at the presentation.
  • Confirming and re-confirming appointments in a thoughtful way can go a long way in building trust.
  • A structured start to the listing presentation is a great way to build rapport during a virtual meeting.
  • Sharran outlines how he uses a public records report in his structured start.
  • Often when you tell a client to do one thing, they feel cornered. When you give them an option, they are able to choose.
  • Sharran discusses his strategy on acquiring a virtual walk-through of the prospect’s home before the listing appointment.
  • Agents need to complete a medium match. If you’re asking a client for a video, you need to request it in video form. If you want an email, send an email.
  • The more options and guidance you give a prospect, the more safe they feel. And right now, prospects may be more likely to hire the agent that they feel most safe with. 
  • Sharran discusses the concept of the first 7 minutes, and how he uses the public records report to structure the listing appointment.
  • Don’t shy away from talking about money. You need to get to the money conversation right away if you want to be viewed as the trusted advisor.
  • The goal of the presentation should not be to pitch, but to create a plan.
  • Co-creating the plan with the client throughout the presentation allows them to feel like they are in the process with you, which means they’ve already hired you.
  • Sharran discusses the structure of the listing presentation, and the three pools of buyers.
  • Co-creating a plan allows you to restructure the plan with the client if the house doesn’t sell as anticipated. 
  • Successfully executing on a blueprint allows you to help build clients for life, and creates a strategy that you can duplicate to grow and scale your business.

3 Key Points:

1.   The kind person is the person who gets hired right now.

2.   It’s not about objections, it’s about options.

3.   Safety is a top concern for potential clients right now, and providing more options and guidance can contribute to their sense of safety.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The kind person is the only person who gets hired right now.”  - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “Assertive is good. Aggressive is bad.” - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “It’s not about objections, it’s about options.” - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “If you can win before you arrive, it just validates that you were the right choice.” - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “When you tell a client to do one thing, they feel cornered. When you give them the option, they choose.” - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “I just want them to feel safe because they’re going to hire me straight up on safety.” - Sharran Srivatsaa
  • “My entire goal of the meeting is not to pitch, but to create a plan.”  - Sharran Srivatsaa

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