Show Notes

NoVa native and one of Keri Shull Team’s esteemed Client Success Agents Audrey Graziano knows the industry from both the perspective of an agent and a builder. Even with her extensive background in real estate, going from construction side to the agent side was filled with new challenges. It was even harder when she was on her own. Once Audrey jumped onto a team, however, she quickly found her groove. 

Join Audrey Graziano and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Setting expectations for your client

∙ Putting the current interest rate in perspective

∙ Why you have to become a perpetual learner as a real estate professional

∙ Why joining a real estate team will shape your success early on

...and much more!


💬 “Putting your money into an asset like real estate, I think is such a super smart move in general.” — Audrey Graziano

💬 “I was overwhelmed at first. There's so much to know in real estate—talk about a moving part. I'm still learning to this day.” — Audrey Graziano

💬 “I realized very quickly that I thrive on a team. I thrived with mentorship, especially in the beginning.” — Audrey Graziano


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