Show Notes

Struggling to scale your business after having a breakout year? It’s not all that uncommon. Most agents become content with their production or struggle to find answers for triggering unlimited scalability. But there’s no reason for your business to get stuck. Author of More Money, Less Hustle: Becoming the 7-Figure Real Estate Agent and creator of The Listings Lab, Jess Lenouvel, has the outline for agents who refuse to stay in a state of stagnant production. Listen in for tips on how you can build a highly productive team of talented agents. 

Join Jess Lenouvel and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Thinking of yourself as a business owner

∙ How to break down your time to focus on high-value tasks

∙ Adding automation to your real estate processes

∙ The shift in the market and where there will be balance

...and much more!


💬 “Getting to that level requires a complete business model shift that I think people get overwhelmed with.” — Jess Lenouvel

💬 “There's almost nothing in the business that can't be somewhat automated.” — Jess Lenouvel

💬 “Results don't take time, they take courage.” — Jess Lenouvel

💬 “They're so ingrained in their business, that they're not spending any time actually working on the business.” — Jess Lenouvel


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